Professional engineering services from skilled fabricators.

Minlaton Engineering's experienced team can build and repair all types of metal products. The well equipped workshop hosts a vast range of equipment which includes multiple lathes, milling machines, slotter, Linc-cut plasma table, cranes, pressers, grinders, drills, facers and more.
Extensive range of stock from trusted and well-known brands and manufacturers.
A large range of steel and building products in stock.
Specialists in many industries including agriculture, mining and construction.
Providing high-quality metal fabrication solutions, delivering innovative products and services that exceed customer expectations.

Construction, engineering, planning and innovation

For more than 25 years, Minlaton Engineering has provided engineering, construction and repair work along with procuring products for customer needs. A large and well stocked shop front is filled with industrial supplies, bearings, welding supplies, safety equipment and hardware. Minlaton Engineering is an agent for Air Liquide gas products.

Minlaton Engineering: Our vision and mission

Minlaton Engineering's mission is to provide high-quality metal fabrication solutions and deliver innovative products and services that exceed customer expectations. Minlaton Engineering aims for continual improvement in metal fabrication processes to provide efficient and reliable solutions to customers. A high level of standard for safety, quality and delivering products that meet or exceed industry standards is maintained at all times.

Minlaton Engineering have a professional team to meet all your engineering requirements.