We focus on the entire process of the project, concept through completion

We are a trusted local company, providing engineering to many industries.

Our experience combined with our dedication to providing outstanding customer service and quality projects, has helped Minlaton Engineering become a leader in engineering and repairs.


Tried, tested and proudly built here in South Australia

Custom Fabrication and Engineering

Minlaton Engineering's qualified fabricators can construct heavy duty galvanised steel skid trailers - rated two tonnes and above - suitable for boats.

Custom CNC

Professional CNC plasma cutting with the latest Linc-cut S1530w machine. We can cut steel up to 1500mm x 3000mm with 25mm thickness.


At Minlaton Engineering, a well-stocked retail shop offers a huge range of engineering equipment and other products.

Steel Supplies

Minlaton Engineering stock and sell a large range of steel and building products. We fill customer orders for all types of products and steel with a fast turnaround.