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Heavy duty air compressors now available

Glenco Air & Power is an Australian market leader delivering unique, high quality & competitively priced compressed air & portable power products.

The Airmac brand was established by Glenco in 1989 for exclusive use on its premium range of reciprocating air compressor sets.
Since 2001, only those sets equipped with genuine Fusheng reciprocating compressor pumps have been eligible to wear the prestigious Airmac label.

The current Airmac range including electric, petrol and diesel engine-driven, and oil-free models offers one of the best selections of belt-drive reciprocating compressors in Australia. Glenco’s commitment that only its finest quality, heavy duty industrial compressors carry the Airmac brand is evidenced by the many repeat customers now specifying Airmac by name.

We are proud to be resellers for this reputable brand. Please see below for brochures and price list.